What is cAppital?
Where app developers can share data and get insights and money back.
cAppital is a protocol for the future of funding—powering data for the new equity blockchain.
While existing data democratization solutions solve just one problem at a time, our team has built a secure, effective, easy-to-use platform based on blockchain. Our innovative new approach includes convenient cryptocurrency payment integration, and even a digital arbitration system.
Competitive Advantage
Mofiler, unning on top of the cAppital protocol, is the first user-controlled data marketplace for app developers. We’re changing the way data is collected, accessed, and applied.
Data science as a service
Our profiling and insigthing technology calculates your users interests and preferences and our SDK provides you with those insights. Adapt and personalize your app to improve your user experience.
Data Monetization
Create a new and recurring revenue stream from your users with no additional advertising. Easy SDK integration with no impact on user experience and without compromising user’s private information.
cAppital is all about transparency and that’s why our SDKs are all open-source. You have access to every line of code inserted into your app, so you see exactly what data the SDK is collecting and where we send it.
The Timeline
With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.
Centralized MVP
Alpha Version Launched
2.5M Users
White paper & Pre-sale Preparation
Token Sale & Decentralized Patform Preparation
Test Network Launch
Release Candidate
Discover how cAppital is revolutionizing the data marketplace
cAppital makes collecting and using fresh, meaningful data easy for everyone from data scientists to marketers. Our multi-level system benefits all parties—beginning with app users, who are able to share their data in exchange for incentives such as free in-app perks. Once this data is generated, developers can conveniently monetize previously revenue-negative apps by sending data along the chain. And last but not least, agencies can purchase the resulting data to better understand their target markets. Everyone wins!
For Developers
99% of apps fail, usually because app developers are not able to consistently generate revenue. We answers this problem by monetizing the data already being generated every time an app is used, with many perks include:
Reliable income generation
FREE for developers
Easy to integrate
Anonymized identification
Complete transparency: app users are always aware that their data is being collected
For Data Buyers
cAppital gives marketers easy access the kind of relevant, meaningful data that was once available only to tech giants like Google and Facebook. This empowers companies and individual data buyers to:
Reach new audiences
Improve campaign performance
Collect and interpret fresh data
Identify and monitor new trends
Analyze target markets
Maintain a culture of innovation
Gain valuable insights into consumer behavior
For Scientists
With cAppital, data scientists can finally access a continuous, secure source of fresh, valuable data without going through convoluted channels or paying an excessive premium. Data generated through cAppital is always:
Collected with complete transparency
Up-to-date and relevant
Easy to access
For Users
cAppital gives everyday app users the opportunity to be fairly compensated for sharing their data. Compensation can range from in-app perks to free subscriptions and downloads—the exact terms of which are agreed upon before any data is collected. cAppital guarantees that user data will always be:
Collected only with permission
The Leadership Team
Bryan Tafel
Co-founder & CEO
Lionel Tafel
Co-founder & CEO
Brian Dimov
VP Architecture
Ernesto Rodriguez
Design & Mobile Developer
Guillermo Díaz
Business Development
Jorge Padula
Software Architect
Facundo Munoz
Full Stack Developer
Patricia Medin
Senior Digital Designer